Change management

Make sure your change project achieves its objectives and a return on investment.

Around 75% of all technology-related change programmes fail because of poor implementation (CIPD). Whatever transformation programme you're attempting – a new strategy, process or IT system – make it succeed by putting your people at the heart of it.

If your people don’t buy in to your rationale for change, they will resist it and revert to old ways of working. While organisations constantly evolve, conscious change needs to be carefully planned. Increase its chances of adoption through education, communication and cultural alignment.

We help your people to accept, adapt and adopt change.

Let's manage your change

Help your people to embrace the change you want to implement.


Create a clear vision for change. Understand the need for it, what should change, and how the organisation will be different afterwards.


Design what your newly transformed organisation will look like. Plan your new operating model or system upgrade, process review or governance, and how to empower your people to own the change.


Anticipate what challenges your change programme may face, by evaluating the risks and readiness of your organisation to adapt.


Engage senior management and create an internal network of change champions to influence uptake. Give key stakeholders the tools they need to nudge, cascade and embed long-term change.


Communication is crucial to successfully achieving change. We work with you to develop a communication strategy that will engage your people, from messaging to timing and channels.

Our Approach

We believe that HR’s knowledge of its people is critical to achieving change. That’s why we help you find the right HR insights internally, and apply them to your change strategy. The latest change methodologies and business psychology then allow us to motivate your people to adopt change. Because your project will sink or swim at the mercy of your people.

Choose how you want to work with us

Ask us to advise on elements of your change project or work alongside you to deliver it.

5 days of training to give you the process and know-how to find the solution for yourself and build a business case for internal stakeholders.
Up to 25 days of research and solution design done for you. Walk away with a project blueprint and business case to implement yourself.
Everything managed for you and fully implemented based on joint measures of success and ongoing reviews. We help you navigate the change end-to-end.
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Service delivery complaints uncover a global HR problem
Change Management
Service delivery complaints uncover a global HR problem
After receiving high-level complaints from within the business, this large UK-based healthcare organisation knew something had to change. The company recognised that it had HR service delivery issues, and needed to improve its service efficiencies and enhance collaboration across its global HR shared services function.


Major realignment needed after two reinsurance firms merge
Change Management
Major realignment needed after two reinsurance firms merge
When a global reinsurance firm acquired a major UK competitor, it increased its market share, strengthened its speciality lines, and doubled its employees. But the transition left them with duplicated processes and multiple legacy systems. Accessing and managing their operational data became difficult and led to inefficient ways of working.


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