Culture change

Get your organisational culture working for you, not against you.

"How we do things around here" is integral to the success of any change programme. By targeting how your people think and behave at work, we create the cultural shift you need to complete your organisational change.

Company culture is implicit and emotional, which makes it complex to change. That also makes it powerful. Organisations that manage to harness helpful behaviours in their people tend to perform better with less time, effort and cost.

Make helpful behaviours a part of your organisational DNA.

Let's change your culture

Get your organisational culture working for you, not against you.


Identify the critical behaviours needed to deliver your organisational strategy. We use employee interviews, surveys and focus groups to understand your behavioural needs.


Assess where and when these critical behaviours need to be encouraged in your people's day to day work, and make a plan to influence behaviour.


Encourage new behaviours and nudge people into adopting these for sustainable change, using informal approaches and formal mechanisms.


Measure how your culture is changing. We help you define the best way to measure it and create reporting to track your progress.

Our Approach

The best organisational redesigns are evidence-based. They ignore vanity and address the real commercial reasons for needing change. That’s why we start each project by uncovering your HR insights. And since your people will either make or break the redesign, we also use psychology to assess their needs and give them ownership of your new structure.

Choose how you want to work with us

Ask us to advise on elements of your culture change or to manage it all for you.

5 days of training to give you the process and know-how to find the solution for yourself and build a business case for internal stakeholders.
Up to 25 daysof research and design done for you. Walk away with a proposed organisational design and business case to implement yourself.
Everything created for you and fully implemented based on joint measures of success and ongoing reviews. Designed and delivered.
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Global IT company brings together three cultures in major acquisition
Culture Change
Global IT company brings together three cultures in major acquisition
When a UK-based global IT infrastructure and support company acquired two organisations, the plan was to create a dominant presence in the marketplace and build a greater global footprint. What this rapidly growing business didn’t account for were the challenges that would come with integrating several businesses, each with a very different company culture.


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