Leadership development

Identify what a great leader looks like for your business and develop the right people for the job.

What behaviours should you look for in a leader? After all, the traits that triumph in one environment might lose trust and engagement in another. And then, how can you find and nurture those qualities with certainty?

If people leave managers, not companies, developing the right leadership also supports your employee engagement, staff retention and talent pipeline. It’s a high stakes responsibility.

We work with you to define what leadership means to you, spot who has the potential to be your next leader, and equip them with the tools to sail into the role.

Leadership development

Support your existing leaders to be as effective as possible.

Talent assessment

Identify your future leaders and help them rise to the surface.

Let's develop your leadership

Bring out the best in your organisation with the right people at the helm.


Identify what qualities your leaders need now and in the future for your organisation to thrive. We look at your business context, corporate goals and staff effectiveness, to define your ideal leader.


Identify your leaders' challenges, spot future talent, and help them to perform. Using psychological tools, we assess their existing behaviours and build a skills matrix to map their leadership potential.


Teach your people to become the leaders you need. Our workshops, coaching and mentoring help individuals to overcome their barriers to leadership and embrace strategic thinking.

Our Approach

Finding the insights hidden in your HR information is key to creating the right development programme. We look at performance reviews, anecdotal feedback and the role's needs for the future. Plus, as a practising psychotherapist, our founder is an expert at understanding people. Between HR insights and psychology, our team has your development needs covered.

Choose how you want to work with us

Ask us to advise on elements of your leadership development or to manage it all for you.

5 days of training to give you the process and know-how to find the solution for yourself and build a business case for internal stakeholders.
Up to 25 days of research and solution design done for you. Walk away with a development plan and business case to implement yourself.
Everything managed for you and fully delivered based on joint measures of success and ongoing reviews. Your people's development needs catered for.
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Developing the leaders of the future at a global automotive firm
Leadership Development
Developing the leaders of the future at a global automotive firm
A global automotive business held an ambition to lead a transport revolution focused on zero emissions and congestion, and lower crash rates. The idea was to create a safer, better and greener world within which to operate, in response to modern-day consumer expectations.


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