Organisational design

Achieve true efficiency and operational resilience by reimagining how your organisation works.

Departments working in silos, processes falling down, duplicated effort, operational bottlenecks. Each little inefficiency has a commercial impact.

Design an organisational structure that facilitates communication and allocates your resources better. An architecture that actively helps your employees toperform, in the right roles. A way of working that supports your business strategy and withstands changing conditions.

We help yourecognise the signs of organisational dysfunction, reimagine how things could work, and engage your people to embrace that change.

Let’s redesign your organisation

Turn your business into a streamlined, strategic and operational dream.


Shortlist the right design principles for you. We work with you to review what’s driving your reorganisation and advise on which design frameworks will help you achieve your business goals.


Identify which aspects of your organisation to drop, carry over or adapt. We consider everything: your hierarchies, teams, roles, power dynamics, culture, decision making, communication etc.


Review how big the gap is between how you operate now, and how you would operate under the different designs. We evaluate the risks and trade-offs of each option to agree the right structure.


Develop a plan to transition to your new organisational design. One that puts the practicalities in place, and wins the heart and minds of your people.

Our Approach

HR insights anchor everything that we do. By helping you to access the right HR data and interpret it into meaningful conclusions, we build a better picture of your leadership needs. We then use psychology to evaluate your people’s potential and make your leadership strategy sink in.

Choose how you want to work with us

Ask us to advise on elements of your organisational redesign or to manage it all for you.

5 days of training to give you the process and know-how to find the leadership solution for yourself and build a business case for internal stakeholders.
Up to 25 days of research and solution design done for you. Walk away with a leadership blueprint and business case that are ready for you to implement
Everything managed for you and fully implemented based on joint measures of success and ongoing reviews. The right leadership solution, delivered.
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New operating model puts focus on back-office adding value
Organisational Design
New operating model puts focus on back-office adding value
A global pharmaceutical organisation known for developing innovative medicines and medical devices, was undergoing a major global transformation of its non-clinical functions. It hoped to increase operational efficiency across its HR and Finance back-office functions, and realise the benefits of a new, flatter organisational structure designed to improve communication, decision making and collaboration.


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