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FiveRivers Consulting helps organisations make better people decisions by unlocking people insights that are commercially significant.

Imagine being able to intervene before your best talent hands in their notice, because you saw the signs. Or before a skills gap allows a competitor to overtake you. Or before a dip in productivity leaves your organisation vulnerable.

HR has the power to sail in as the hero, but only if it has the information to forewarn the business. Yet over 50% of businesses struggle to get the data they need (Gartner, 2018).

How? We transform your organisation so that you can access better people insights and turn them into game-changing HR interventions.

Our approach

Data curious

HR data underpins all of our work. It tells us where you are as an organisation and what HR transformation will help you access more of it, so that you can make even better HR interventions in the future.

Psychology driven

Business psychology always flows across our work. We use psychological principles and research tools to understand your people and support them towards better ways of working. It’s a science we continuously study, apply and see have an impact.


We work with you, not to you, and adapt to your needs. We find that working as a team is the best way to align towards achieving your objectives. By being generous with our knowledge, we help you sustain change now and in the future.

Some of our clients

We specialise in supporting medium-sized compliance-heavy organisations across the private and public sector to make smart HR interventions.

Some of Our Clients

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A warm welcome to FiveRivers Consulting!

"Our mission is to arm HR with the evidence it needs to influence the boardroom.

As a HR practitioner, I struggled to get useful information from my company's legacy systems. With no meaningful dashboard to rely on, HR decisions were often based on best guesses and held little sway.

Then, as a senior transformation consultant for PwC and KPMG, I kept finding the same issue. Businesses losing out commercially because they couldn’t tap into their own people insights.

I’ve been encouraging businesses to make HR data a priority for over 20 years, because I know how a little of the right information can transform an organisation.

We look forward to unlocking your HR data and business influence."

Jivan Dempsey

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Meet the team

Jivan Dempsey


An experienced senior transformation consultant and business psychologist, Jivan founded FiveRivers to provide Big 4 know-how without the Big 4 price tag.

Susan Mulholland

Account Manager

Your first port of call for any client enquiry. Susan manages our bids, clients and associates, as well as co-ordinating our team so that you receive great service.

Lindsey Bracken, LBC HCM


Lindsey uncovers the power of your HR data and helps you reframe your reporting and people analytics to unlock meaningful insights.

Palvi Harvey

Social Media Assistant

If you’re not already talking to Palvi on oursocial media, speak to her about our media outreach or PR opportunities.

Trevor Orman

Financial & Business Adviser

With his steady hand on the business tiller, Trevor's years of Board level experience steer us and our clients to success.

Our Associates

Our associate network gives you access to over 100 HR consultants with expertise in HR, data analytics, transformation, change and project management. Our flexible resource model mixes permanent consultants and associates, so we can scale on-demand and fast to meet your project needs.

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