Team effectiveness

Improve productivity by addressing unhelpful ways of working and finding team unity.

Organisations are social systems. Ecospheres made up of people thrown together, working on tasks, dispensing opinions, and imposing their personalities. It’s normal for unhelpful team dynamics to sometimes bubble up and affect a group's performance.

Create an environment that interrupts these unhelpful behaviours. We help your teams to understand their working styles, improve processes and establish better patterns of behaviour.

Align your people around common goals, clear team roles, and a growth mindset. Then empower them to keep developing. Because teams that regularly reflect on their performance communicate and work more effectively.

Let's make your team more effective

Empower your people to work better together.


Establish how your team needs to operate to have more impact. This starts by identifying what business context they’re navigating, and what effectiveness means to you.


Understand your existing team dynamics and capabilities. We use observation, feedback, psychological tools, and your HR data, to reflect these behaviours back to you.


Help your people adapt their behaviours, processes and capabilities towards a better dynamic. Build a bespoke package of training, coaching and mentoring.


Equip your team with the emotional resilience to keep improving. We also leave you with the tools to evaluate your team’s ongoing development and effectiveness.

Our Approach

Data is vital to our work. By helping you access meaningful HR insights about your people, we can make better judgements about what will and won’t make your team more successful. We then overlay psychology to motivate individuals to release harmful behaviours and become a high-performance team.

Choose how you want to work with us

Ask us to advise on elements of your team effectiveness or to manage it all for you.

5 days of training to give you the process and know-how to find the solution for yourself and build a business case for internal stakeholders.
Up to 25 days of research and solution design done for you. Walk away with a team plan and business case to implement yourself.
Everything managed for you and fully implemented based on joint measures of success and ongoing reviews. Your team’s'needs addressed.
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Team performance prioritised as shared services are privatised
Team Effectiveness
Team performance prioritised as shared services are privatised
A large public sector organisation divesting its HR, Finance and IT shared services operations to a global business process outsourcing (BPO) company in the private sector, responding to the government’s modernisation and privatisation of the public sector.


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